Lars Abrahamsson - guitars; keyboards, backing vocals; Eva Eggesjö Abrahamsson - vocals; Peter Gustavsson - vocals; Ulf Vestlund - bass, drums
Guests: Thorleif Robertsson - drums; Thomas Persson - drums; Michael Nilsson - guitars

It is with pride that we at GLORY-DAZE celebrate the sophomore album from Swedish AORsters Broke [N] Blue. Long considered to be a foundation band with this site, and with our previous site HEART of the ROCK before that, we've been there right at the very beginning: since those early demos that Lars Abrahamsson featured on all those years ago.

Well a lot of summers and winters have passed since then, and the good news is: the band are going as strong as ever. Even better, the band have forged a relationship with heavyweight label MTM Music, meaning a bigger budget, more exposure, and more importantly, credibility out there among the rock industry for getting this far. Round two sees the release of 'The Waiting', and for those of us who heard and enjoyed their debut from 2001 'Northern Light', it has taken a good four years to land the second big fish out of the water. But it has been worth the wait. Yes indeed, like the album title we have been doing just that.

Let's get this straight OK? This is an AOR band we're talking about here. Not a hard rock band or melodic rock band, despite what some of you might think. It is AOR in much the same way as the recent Tor Talle Northern Light project we've been promoting lately. the production is a few notches up from last time, and like before, it is the songs that lift the band to that level of 'extra-special'. Well that is my view at least. With the contrasting and alternating male/female lead vocal going on, the band have more depth than most, which allows them to diversify in opposite directions. Eva's style opens up the Heart, Alyson Avenue, Coastline direction, while Peter goes down the Toto, Richard Marx route.

The bombastic scene-setter 'How Does It Feel' gets the album underway in no uncertain terms. The guitar/keyboard mix a melodic cocktail upon which sits a volatile chorus led by Peter Gustavsson and a degree of urgency which sets sail for track two 'Perfect Match'. Calmer waters are reached here, the lucid vocal from Eva Eggesjö Abrahamsson drifting across the soundscape serenely. Peter rejoins the fray on 'Endlessly', the fluid song structure keeping the momentum going as per the song-title. The arrangement on 'Heaven Is All' is full of layers, keys, guitars and vocals. Very AOR. In contrast, 'Never The Same' is a leaner slice of music, the chorus is simple but captivating. Lar's guitar has added presence on 'Keep Me Waiting', an upfront rocker with tempo and energy to match.

The title track 'The Waiting' is next, it takes on an atmospheric approach, fluid guitar lines and rich melodies make this one a favorite for me. 'This Time' is a song which you can back to time and time again, and find something different about it. Broke [N] Blue go for the party-line on 'Rivers Are Calling'. The dual vocal on the chorus stands out, as does the hard rockin' all-out style. Eva and Peter combine again for the magnificent 'Midnite Show' - another favorite, that shows the band at their best, combining a relatively simple structure with ample melody. Peter is the vocal aggressor on 'Let Me Out', the song taking on a metallic edge with Lar's razor sharp playing. Eva returns for 'Found It Now', a stirring anthemic piece with a strong back-end provided by forgotten man Ulf Vestlund. The closer 'First Time' is a power-ballads of sorts, and though not the same as the famous Robin Beck similarly titled piece provided for Coca-Cola back in the late eighties, the result comes close.. very close!

I've been playing this CD for days now. Even seven hours non-stop in the car on a recent long journey. It wasn't that I couldn't be bothered changing the disc; just that I wanted to totally immerse myself in the music. And I will continue to do so for a wee while yet. Unashamedly AOR, Broke [N] Blue aren't about to change cultures overnight, but for those that are tried and true diehards (like all of you who come here), then you'll need no converting and no convincing. It's all those unconverted we need to convince!

Along with Tor Talle's Northern Light, Broke [N] Blue have given MTM Music a shot of respectibility in terms of pure AOR. Buy it and understand why we rave about this lot so much..

Review By: George Thatcher

Track Listing:
01 How Does It Feel (PG)
02 Perfect Match (EA)
03 Endlessly (PG)
04 Heaven Is All (EA)
05 Never The Same (EA)
06 Keep Me Waiting (EA)
07 The Waiting (For A Life) (EA)
08 This Time (EA)
09 Rivers Are Calling (PG/EA)
10 Midnite Show (PG/EA)
11 Let Me Out (PG)
12 Found It Now (EA)
13 First Time (EA)


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