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-BROKE-N-BLUE- from Kolsva, Sweden, is a studioproject with members from different bands playing the original music of Lars Abrahamsson. Lars arranges and plays guitars and keyboards, and sings backing vocals. Eva Abrahamsson and Peter Gustavsson sings lead and backing vocals. Lars and Eva have been playing in bands for 20 years and joined the same band for the first time about 15 years ago. Peter is guitarist and leadsinger of a party/coverband called SIXPACK from Arboga, Sweden. For the debut-album, Ulf Vestlund joined on bass/drums. Ulf is bass-player in top coverband DeSotos and plays with wellknown artists as Carola, Jill Johnson, Jennifer Brown, Andreas Johnson and Tityo.

BROKE-N-BLUE- is one project among others, and this project is meant to put together Lars new songs in the style of AOR/melodic/westcoast/FM-rock/guitarrock etc.

The influences for songwriting are quite a lot, but playing in the 80's has of course ment very much for the sound. To mention some artists among them: Foreigner, Boston, Bryan Adams, Prism, Whitesnake, Heart, TOTO, Journey, Robin Beck, Shania Twain, ZZ Top, Giant, Bad English, Richard Marx, Alannah Myles, Roxette, and....and.....and.....



Lars started out playing drums in the late 70's and went on with other instruments as he joined different bands in the 80's. He's been writing songs for a long time but never sent anything to the record companies until 1999. He writes in a variety of styles, pop, rock, blues, ballads etc. In 1985 he met his wife Eva who had been playing keyboards and singing in some local coverbands. Together they joined some bands 86' to 92' (TRAUMA, TAKE COVER, DISTANCE among others) and later, Eva has primary been playing at home, recording songs in their homestudio together with Lars, and he's been playing with the band CROSSROADS.

In 1996, Lars met Peter, singer/guitarplayer of a cover/partyband SIXPACK, and joined as stand-in on different instruments whenever vacances occured.Peter has been playing since 1982 and joined a lot of cover/originalbands. In late 80's he made two singles with melodic hardrockband Angelize and after that he's been busy working with SIXPACK. In 1999, Lars wrote "Heaven in my hands" as a powerballad to see how Peters voice would fit this style. Very pleased with the result, Lars went on writing new material to see if they could put together a new project in the westcoast/guitarrock-genre. The song was sent to a contest in the Swedish magazine MM (Musicians Magazine) and got a "mention of honour". For the next issue, Lars sent "Heavenly beauty" and the song reached the final.

First reviews

To put more width to the material, Eva appeared on lead vocals for some songs. Now the project started to take form, and Lars sent some info to different contacts. Strutter Magazine,Holland ( did a positive review on the 3-track demo and so did Swedish AOR-webzine "Catchy Hooks". ( After that a new 7-track demo with 4 new tracks added to the first cd was sent to different magazines and labels. This demo got high points at mentioned magazines and at Heart of the rock- magazine, New Zealand among others. The song Back again has been on top of the charts at Korean site for a long time, and a positive review was published in German Music Mag ROCK IT! Read some of them in press-section

Ulf Vestlund joined the project on bass and drums, and the work with a fullength cd started in Nov 2000. In July 2001, the cd "Northern Light" was released on Maple Leaf Records .

Mailorder Worldwide by HangLoose, Target Records ,MusicbyMail etc in Germany . For distribution info in Germany, Austria, Switzerland contact Maple Leaf Records. If you can't find it, contact Lars for ordering info .


The debut album "Northern Light" was well received on the market and gained a lot of good reviews all over the world. In the following years Lars wrote more songs for a 2nd album and in May 2004, Broke[N]Blue was signed to MTM Music, Germany. The new album "The Waiting" was released in July 2005, and Broke[N]Blue carried on fighting to get this music back on the main charts… A lot of great reviews has been written so far, read them in the Press-section.