Broke [n] Blue

Rating: 72/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, July '05
Label: MTM Music
Style: AOR/Melodic Rock

The Waiting

Broke [n] Blue hails from Sweden , and is a project with members from different bands playing the original music of Lars Abrahamsson. They play AOR/Melodic Rock, and they're doing it quite good. Their debut album "Northern Light" was recorded between November 2000 and May 2001, and here we have their brand new album: "The Waiting".

I must admit, that I'm more into hard rock and metal, but when I need a short, short break from angry singers and hard hitting guitars, melodic rock will do just fine.

This album by Broke [n] Blue needed a few spins in my CD-player to sink in, but I somehow like it...

We get 13 AOR/Melodic Rock songs here, where the lead vocals are shared between Eva Eggesjö Abrahamsson and Peter Gustavsson, and especially Eva's voice is stunning!
Most of the songs are catchy and with great hooks topped with a good production. The best songs here could very well be "Rivers Are Calling" - catchy chorus and a superb guitar-riff - on this track Broke [n] Blue really shows that they know how to ROCK!

If you are into AOR and Melodic Rock, then I think you should give Broke [n] Blue a chance, I think they deserve it.

Recommended tracks: “Perfect Match", "Never the Same", "Keep Me Waiting" and "Rivers Are Calling"