MD: First of all, tell me a short debrief of the history of "Broke 'N' Blue" ?


It all started when I published a new song on in early spring 2000. I wanted to see if there was any interest at all for this kind of music nowadays. In 1999, I asked Peter Gustavsson, member of the band SIXPACK, which Im playing with now and then, if he could do the vocals on that new song, a powerballad Bryan Adams style. The result was Heaven in my hands. Almost immediately, some Webzines showed interest, and wanted to hear more. I also made a lot of e-mail postings to different contacts on the net. The interest grew, and I wrote some more songs, and made new versions of some older songs in the same style. My wife Eva appeared on some songs to put more width to the material. I was very pleased by the result of using the two voices, and kept on writing new material. A 7-track demo was made and sent around to a lot of magazines, webzines and labels. The interest was so strong that we now decided to make a fullengthalbum. Ulf Vestlund joined on bass and drums and we began the recording sessions in his studio in nov 2000. Some labels were interested and we finally signed a distribution deal with Maple Leaf Records.


MD: Tell me some details for your latest album ?


The album Northern Light with 12 tracks finally entered the market in june 2001 after some delay due to trouble with the cd-production company. Being a new act with small or no budget, I must say Im really satisfied. The album turned out to be a great compilation of new and older songs of mine, and the concept with two vocalists really was a winner. We were working under time pressure to get the album out when the interest was so strong, and it first seemed like it would be a fully independent release, until we signed with Maple Leaf Records/ HangLoose Records.


MD: Is there any feedback from the audience about this cd untill now ?


Yes weve had a lot of reviews and all of them are positive and mention the fresh sound and the use of two vocalists as a great part of the album. Ive also got mail from fans many times the last 2 years. It seems like the music is easy-listening to a lot of people and in many different ages, so I hope that my songs make them feel good.



MD: Which is the procedure when you write the songs ?


Mostly I start with a hook or a melody-line and then I add the rest around that. I often try to get in some kind of right mood for the song and write a story for the lyrics. When it comes to instruments I use piano for the softer and midtempo songs, and guitars for the heavier stuff. In that case it could start with some great riff as the main idea.


MD: Where are your lyrics referring to ?


Like always, love,love,love and some hate;-)
Seriously, it's mostly the common heartache and love lyrics, but sometimes from a different angle... There's also the title track "Northern light" with a different vibe and lyrics.


MD: Have you already play any gig, and tell me your favourite live ?


No, sorry, but right now BnB is a pure studioproject. The live thing will have to wait, and I dont think we make any efforts there, unless theres a major breakthrough or something like that. BnB has never played live together, but Ulf is playing live all the time with his band De Sotos, and the rest of the time he produces other artists in his studio. Me and Peter are playing a lot live with the coverband SIXPACK, so were really busy. Eva, Peter and I also have ordinary "non-music" jobs as well.


MD: Your influences from the metal scene ?


There are lots of themI guess we listen to every kind of rock from 60s up 2003 but if I should mention some of my favourites it could be:
In no particular order:
Giant Bad English Bryan Adams Foreigner Def Leppard Mr Mister Heart
Whitesnake Asia Journey Roxette Winger Van Halen AC/DC etc etc


MD: Tell me some words about the cd cover ?


The cover is made from a great oil-painting made by a friend of mine and I thought we should make the whole concept with some "broken blue" colours. When this mountain-view picture was finished, I felt that this could really fit for a heavy suggestive tune, with Evas beautiful heartfelt vocals and a "Northern" feel over it all. It really made the album feel complete as one unit. The song Northern Light was the finalising part of the concept.



MD: Tell me you favorite album and your favorite band ?


As earlier mentioned, Giant must be my all time favourites, and which album? All 3 of them
As a contender I could of course take 1987 by Whitesnake or Back in black by AC/DC.


MD: Where are you from ?


We all live in mid Sweden around a small village called Kolsva, about 150km from Stockholm.


MD: Tell me your opinion about the metal scene in your country ?


Here in Sweden AOR/Melodic-rock has been struggling to survive during the 90s. The live scene is minimal, although some of the best bands and releases comes from Sweden. I think the times are changing and we will hear more of this music everyday soon. Worldwide this music is getting more and more exposure and I think theres a wind of change blowing for this genre here too. The internet is a superb media to spread information, for both new and wellknown artists to get exposure at a lot of places and reach millions of people at one time. And its free most of the time to use this promotion, which makes it even more fantastic! Without the internet, Northern Light would have never been made.


MD: What are your plans in the future for the band ?


We hope to make a second album soon.
There is new material, and I also have a lot of earlier written songs which could be used in the future. Some are at the demostage and some are not recorded at all. We have been contacted by some labels to make a second album so we are recording some songs right now actually.


MD: Is metal a way of your life ?


Well, Id rather say that music is a way of my life. I enjoy a lot of different music-styles, not only metal, AOR or melodicrock. I listen to and play some blues and pop classics etc as well. Anyway, I know music is my biggest interest of my life ever since I was a kid.



MD: How you describe your music ?


When it comes to describing Broke[N]Blue, some say a mix of Heart and Roxette, and I think that's a fair description. In other words AOR/ melodic mixed with some Westcoast-influences but with a harder edge. Regarding ROXETTE, you could always say that it's more of a pop thing, but consider you put some more guitars on their older albums, and you've got some really nice AOR-songs among them



MD: If your music was an emotion, what would be ?


I consider most of my songs as very emotional songs in some way or another. Many times its about love but it could also be more from the darker side of our heart and mind. Besides, Im not sure, but I think the word heart is present somewhere in all of the 12 tracks of the album. I guess that answers your question;-)




MD: If you had the chance to travel back in time, which period would you like to visit and why ?


If were talking modern time, I think the early 50s would be a great time to visit, and watch Rockn roll come alive and grow. If you mean in a wider perspective, it would be interesting to see what it was like in the middle ages (as long as I could back here to our time)



MD: Thanks for your interview and have i forgotten to ask you anything and you'd like to mension ?


Thanks a lot for your time Antonis, and for showing interest in Broke[N]Blue. Well try to keep up the good work to get this music back on the main charts! I hope all people who liked the first album will get a copy of the second cd!

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Broke N Blue was Interviewed by Antwnis Maglaras



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